Wednesday, June 12, 2013

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Description Track Release Date Watched Date Length
Apple Design Awards Special Events 13-06-10 13-06-11 30'
Join us for an unforgettable award ceremony celebrating developers and their outstanding work. The 2013 Apple Design Awards recognize state of the art iOS apps and OS X apps that reflect the very best in design, innovation, and technology adoption.
Platforms State of the Union Special Events 13-06-10 13-06-11 98'
WWDC 2013 Platforms State of the Union
Accessibility in iOS Frameworks 13-06-11 13-06-11 48'
iOS offers unmatched accessibility support that you can use to reach a wider audience. Hear about the latest changes in GuidedAccess and VoiceOver and how you can take advantage of these technologies to help people with disabilities stay on task and get more value out of your app.
Advances in Objective-C Tools 13-06-11 13-06-12 54'
Objective-C is continuing to evolve as a powerful object-oriented programming language. Technologies like Automatic Reference Counting let you build more robust and easier to maintain code. Modules make it easier than ever to reference framework classes. See how this new technology will help keep your project organized and how you can take advantage of it. Find out about all the newest features and improvements to Objective-C.
Building Efficient OS X Apps Core OS 13-06-11 13-06-12 56'
Apps on OS X must share a common pool of system resources. Learn the tips and tools for making the best use of these shared resources to improve both your performance and the performance of your user’s systems. See how to investigate your app’s impact on system memory use and disk I/O, and learn techniques for doing work in the background without impacting performance.
Building User Interfaces for iOS 7 Frameworks 13-06-11 13-06-12 52'
Learn how UIKit has changed to create iOS 7’s new UI, both conceptually and practically. Join us in considering new approaches to your app’s design based on these principles and explore your newly expanded toolbox so you can bring those designs to life.
Continuous Integration with Xcode 5 Tools 13-06-11 13-06-12 45'
Unit tests are great, but to get the most value from them you need to test continuously. Xcode bots make testing easy, as they automatically build, analyze, test, and archive your project in a repeatable manner. See the Xcode team give a start-to-finish demonstration of setting up the new continuous integration support in Xcode.
Core Bluetooth Core OS 13-06-11 13-06-13 50'
Core Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy enable a new category of Bluetooth accessories which have an incredibly long battery life. With CoreBluetooth, iOS apps can talk with shoes to find out how far they’ve run and jumped, make toys come to life, fly a paper airplane, find car keys and remote controls, open a door lock, and find out why a check engine light is on. Learn what’s new in CoreBluetooth and the new ways that iOS apps can interact with Bluetooth Low Energy accessories.
Designing Accessories for iOS and OS X Core OS 13-06-11 13-06-13 54'
Learn about services that allow apps to interact with accessories. Understand your options for designing hardware solutions, including the latest on Wi-Fi, AirPlay, Bluetooth, and the Lightning connector.
Efficient Design with XPC Core OS 13-06-11 13-06-13 41'
XPC has been enhanced to make it even easier to design for robustness and efficiency. Learn how to save power by opportunistically scheduling long-running tasks, transferring large amounts of data with minimal overhead, and how to best compartmentalize your app.
Extending Your Apps for Enterprise and Education Use Services 13-06-11 13-06-14 44'
Business and education markets are a growing audience for iOS apps. With new capabilities in iOS 7 and a few key concepts you can fine tune your app to meet the needs of large organizations. Learn about data security, authentication, integration with enterprise systems, app configuration and customization, and the distribution options available to you. This session is not just for enterprise developers, but for all developers looking to extend their reach and get their apps in the hands of business professionals, educators, and students worldwide.
Getting Started with UIKit Dynamics Frameworks 13-06-11 13-06-15 48'
UIKit Dynamics makes it easy to create animated view interactions and transitions to delight your users. Discover how animators and behaviors work by learning how to add subtle and meaningful dynamics to your app, making it stand out on the App Store.
Getting the Most Out of Web Inspector (S 603) Media 13-06-11 13-06-15 57'
Dig deeper into the many enhancements and new features that Safari has added to Web Inspector. Learn how to use them for more advanced inspection, tweaking, profiling, and debugging of your web content on iOS and the Mac. If web technologies are at the core of your web, Mac, or iOS app, this session will show you how Web Inspector can help you get the results you want.
Getting to Know Web Inspector (S 601) Media 13-06-11 13-06-15 52'
Web Inspector is a powerful tool for understanding the behavior of your web site. Gain an overview of everything Web Inspector can do. Explore the user interface and learn about features that will make your life easier. Learn how to connect the Safari Web Inspector to your iPhone or iPad for on-device testing. Find out how to inspect, tweak, optimize, and debug the web content in your web, Mac, or iOS app.
Integrating with Game Controllers (S 501) Graphics and Games 13-06-11 13-06-15 43'
The Game Controller framework in iOS 7 and OS X 10.9 enables games to integrate with physical game controllers and take advantage of exciting new modes of input. Learn how to add support for MFi game controllers with physical d-pads, buttons, triggers, joysticks, and more. Understand the approach for discovering and connecting to controllers and how to support both wireless and form-fitting controller types. See how to map physical controls to game inputs, and get expert advice about the best practices to follow in your titles.
Painting the Future Special Events 13-06-11 13-06-14 51'
Be among the first to see the unveiling of MARI on OS X, the supercharged 3D painting package coming to the Mac later this year, running on the next generation Mac Pro. Jack Greasley, The Foundry’s MARI Product Manager, will chart MARI's rapid rise from in-house studio tool to the film industry’s painting tool of choice. He will detail MARI's evolution, from its original conception during Weta Digital's visual effects work on Avatar to becoming a critical element in making countless blockbusters a reality. Then watch as Pixar character shading artist, Jonathan Hoffman, makes full use of the power of the next generation Mac Pro to demonstrate how MARI was used to help bring Monsters University to life.
What’s New in the LLVM Compiler Tools 13-06-11 13-06-14 52'
Apple continues to invest in the LLVM compiler technology, and that investment has been paying off in spades. Get details on the latest improvements to the compiler and static analyzer. See how to get the most out of these tools with settings in Xcode.
Xcode Core Concepts Tools 13-06-11 13-06-14 56'
Xcode has a wealth of features to help you be more productive than ever before. Join engineers from the Xcode team as they teach the basics of using Xcode, demonstrate power-user workflows, and help you get the most out of your development environment.